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15 injured in head-on collision of bus and four-wheeler

More than 15 individuals suffered injuries following a head-on collision between a four-wheeler and a bus carrying passengers in Hatai Kotor, previously known as Baramura Hills ranges, within Teliamura Sub-division of Khowai district in Tripura on Thursday.

Prasun Kanti Tripura, the Sub-divisional Police Officer of Teliamura, “The incident resulted in injuries to more than 15 people. The four-wheeler lost control due to over speeding in the hilly region, leading to a head-on collision with the bus.”

He added, “We have swiftly transported the injured passengers to the hospital. Fortunately, there are no reports of casualties.”
Subsequent to the accident, Animesh Debbarma, the Leader of the Opposition and MLA of Tipra Motha, was passing by and stopped to aid the injured individuals. He ensured that injured persons received prompt medical attention at the hospital.

Debbarma said, “There was a collision between two vehicles in the Baramura region. We have transported the injured individuals to the hospital for medical care. More than 16 people sustained injuries, and our priority is to assist and support them.”


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