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Lok Sabha elections : ‘Masterstroke by master of situation’: Shatrughan Sinha on Rahul Gandhi’s income plan

BJP leader Shatrughan Sinha once again took potshots at his party while praising Congress president Rahul Gandhi for the minimum income guarantee scheme that promises India’s 20 per cent poorest families will get at least Rs 12,000 a month.

The two-time MP, who was recently denied his traditional Patna Sahib seat by the BJP, said: “It’s a masterstroke by the ‘master of situation’, @RahulGandhi – declaring #MinimumIncomeGuarantee scheme. It has rattled our people so much that some of our prominent people had to rush for a press conference, calling the whole declaration/ announcement “chhalkapat”.

Sinha has been, for a couple of years now, the most-vocal critic of the party leadership and has time and again aired his resentment over various issues.

The actor-turned politician added: “Would like to know from our learned friends / leadership – that when you announced various ‘jumlaas’….15 Lacs to every individual, farmers’ loan waivers & subsidies, more than 2 crore jobs for the youth every year, etc. etc..Was all this fair?”

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