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Headlines Tripura Jan ki baat predicts BJP snatching both Lok Sabha seats of Tripura

Headlines Tripura Jan ki baat releases Exit poll for 2019 loksabha elections, predicts BJP lead NDA to form next government and also predicts BJP snatching both the loksabha seats of Tripura.

It is the same organisation which predicted very close results for Tripura Assembly elections 2018 in association with Headlines Tripura.

Time and time they proved to very accurate with their predictions.

Jan ki baat Headlines Tripura predicts Bjp snatching both the lok sabha seats of Tripura.

The exit poll shows ending of long tenure of the CPIM MP in Loksabha.

Preparations and security arrangements in the Counting booth are geared up.

Everyone in the state eyeing endlessly for 23rd May.

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