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20,000 Suggestions will be distributed by BSU Medha Anwesha in 2020.

The overall percentage of pass has increased a lot this year in TBSE. After the constant efforts of the Chief Minister and Education Minister, this is for the first time the situation improved a lot.

It has proved that the constant efforts of the Government by providing quality education to the schools has shown positive results this year. “The efforts of Medha Anwesha has also enhanced the result of Madhyamik and HS exam” told Dr. Alak Bhattacharjee, Joint Convener of Medha Anwesha in a Press conference today. Manoj Roy, State convener said that, this year 10,000 suggestions were distributed among the financially backward students of the state. Thus the candidates got 70% common in Bengali & English of Madhyamik and in Bengali of HS Exam this year.

They also got 71% common in English in HS Exam and 84% in SSt, 89% in Science and 96% in Maths in the last Madhyamik exam. Md. Abdul Haq and Mrs. Srabani Laskar, members of Medha Anwesha told before the journalists that BSU Medha Anwesha is the first non-Government organization which conducted largest Merit Scholarship Exam in the state. State convener Sri Manoj Roy also said that the organization provides study materials and free coaching to the poor and downtrodden students of the state.

He also said that next year, as per the advice of Goutam Talukder, Medha Anwesha, Kolkata, 20,000 suggestions will be distributed among the Madhyamik and HS Candidates of the state next year.

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