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No survivors in AN-32 crash, confirms IAF after search team reaches crash site in Arunachal Pradesh

The Indian Air Force (IAF) on Thursday tragically confirmed that there were no survivors from the crashed AN-32 that had gone missing on June 3 with 13 persons onboard.

Taking to Twitter, the IAF wrote that eight of its members had reached the crash site in Arunachal Pradesh’s Siang district on Thursday morning, and that there were no survivors. The IAF has listed the names of the martyred Air Warriors:

W/C GM Charles
S/L H Vinod
F/L R Thapa
F/L A Tanwar
F/L S Mohanty
F/L MK Garg
WO KK Mishra
Sgt Anoop Kumar
Cpl Sherin
LAC SK Singh
LAC Pankaj
NC(E) Putali
NC(E) Rajesh Kumar

On Tuesday, the AN-32’s debris was located which confirmed that the aircraft had crashed. The finding came after 8 days of relentless search, following contact with the transport aircraft being lost shortly after it took off from Jorhat. The debris was spotted at least 16 km north of Lipo and north-east of Tapo at an elevation of 12,000 ft. The crash site was located by an IAF Mi-17 helicopter which was engaged in the search operations.

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