Local News

Sudden malaria outbreak in Tripura’s border villages

The Tripura Health Department is geared up to prevent the spread of malaria in remote hilly areas of Kanchanpur in North Tripura district with several medical teams now residing in different areas of the disease-prone areas.

Chief Medical Officer of the district, Dr Jagadish Nama is leading the anti-malaria drive and personally visited the severely affected areas like Bhandarima and Ananda Bazar. In addition to that, several medical camps have been set-up across some of the remotest localities in this subdivision including Birmanipara, Twabaihatai, Chhoto Kangrai, Jamaraipara, Khasiraipara, Balanoncherra, Lugothwampara, Gobindapara, Briksharampara, Mitrajoypara and Shatrumanipara.

Sub-Division Medical Officer Dr Hamendra Reang said medical teams are examining blood samples and distributing medicines among the ailing people. Preventive medicines also are being distributed among the people.

It is being reported that medical teams could not reach all the affected places due to lack of doctors or trained medical workers.

However, services of the multi-purpose workers are being utilized for distributing of preventive medicines and bringing people from remote hamlets to the medical camps. Kanchanpur sub-divisional hospital, which is the main medical facility in the area, only has four doctors and they are finding it difficult to handle the critical situation.

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