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Tripura Government has set a new record by Planting 6500 trees in one minute.

On the occasion of Banmahotsava an event was organised at Udaipur, Gomti district where 6500 trees has been planted in one minute around the NH-8 area.

CM Biplab Kumar Deb was invited as the chief guest on that event. CM was very happy and expressed his gratitude for organising such event, he has also thanked the South district administration, Forest Department, School & college student and the people of Udaipur for taking part in this great initiative.

Mr Biplab Deb also said that this step under Green Tripura initiative will not only preserve our environment but also will add beauty to the state. On that occasion Biplab Deb has appealed everyone to work for Clean and Green Tripura.

CM Deb said that to conserve environment and nature the State forest department is taking all necessary steps and this time the department has planted bit matured (4/5 feet long) saplings so that they don’t die. During the current year (2018/19) till date plantation has taken place in 5500 hectares area and of which 71% of saplings has survived.

Meantime, during the year 2014-15 planting of saplings took place across1500 hectares area but on 50% of the saplings survived while during 2015-16 the plantation area was 5000 hectares again in 2016-17 the area covered was 2500 hectares and in 2017-18 the area covered under new plantation has been 1000 hectares.

The CM viewed that though since 2016 there was a decreasing trend of new plantation but since the new BJP-IPFT governmant came to power there the number of saplings planted has not only increased but also the survival rate because the present Gov’t is committed towards conservation of the environment.

He said that as a result of the new government’s special attention towards conserving of environment it has taken initiative for increasing the area covered under new plantation and in 2018-19 the government covered 5500 hectares of land under new plantation.

Deb added that one of the biggest hurdle is maintanence of saplings across large area and which is not only costly but also need a trained manpower. On the contrary it’s easy to nurture 2000-2500 saplings in a single nursery, which is cost effective and requires less manpower.

CM mentioned the new record which has been set by the Tripura government today by planting 6500 sapling in one minute is really appreciable.

He added that in Indian culture trees are worshiped inorder to save and preserve the environment for the future generations.

He appealed to youths and students to play a vital role in conserving our environment and spreading awareness about it.

Deb announced that the state government is going to bring a special scheme to preserve environment and in the scheme those who are living or having land near main roads will be getting monthly ₹200 for planting trees and maintenance.

According to the CM nearly 2 lakhs families will be benefited from this scheme.

The CM concluded by again thanking the Gomati District Administration, Tripura Forest Department, the students and the people of Udaipur for organising such an event and making record by planting 6500 trees in one minute.

CM said that our duty is not over by just planting saplings but it is also important to take their care.

During the occasion along with CM Deb the state Tourism Minister Panajit Singha Roy, DM T K Debnath and other officials of Forest department were also present.

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