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Heavy monsoon rains floods Agartala : drainage system upgradation under question ?

The drainage system of the city has been a matter of concern for many years.

Every political party assures the public to stop their suffering and promises to take necessary actions but much of their efforts end’s with dialogues and the problem remains the same.

The heavy monsoon shower in past two days affected public life in Tripura as well as in the capital city Agartala.

Communication with in the state and outside the city stopped due to flood.

Most parts of Agartala City are under water sunce saturdat due to heavy rain.

The depth of howrah river and katakhal has decreased overs the years due to pollution and sedimentation.

Reports say funds has been alloted for tackling this problem many years ago but utilisation of the funds has not yet been processed.

On this CM Biplab Kumar deb’s statement comes to much relief for the citizens.

Biplab Kumar Deb said “the state govt is keeping a constnt eye on the situation arising due to heavy rains in the state and advised the concerned officials to be ready for any kind of adversities“.

He further added “NDRF state calamity mitigation depts volunteers state police are prepared for any kind of situation“.

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