Agartala Cycloholics is all set for the Freedom Ride

Agartala Cycloholics is all set for the Freedom Ride.

Bicycle is a pollution-free, environment-friendly vehicle and cycling is a good exercise for human body. A bicycle ride of five-Kilometres per day, keeps our body away from various health hazards. In developed countries, people are encouraged in bicycling. In India, at least forty percent of the total population is connected with bicycles. People like milk, fish or vegetable vendors etc are directly dependant on bicycles in order to earn their livelihood. A large number of employees commute to their offices, riding on bicycles. The same is true for a large number of school or college students too, especially who are from rural belts. In many Indian states, there are well-known Bicycle Clubs, who regularly arrange big events like bicycle-racing, long touring etc. They also have achieved to set some Guiness World Records. Such organisations are mainly driven by and works among the youths of the country.
In short, bicycle is such a vehicle, which is beneficial for individuals, for the environment, for the nation and so on. Bicycling is among one the ten most popular sports across the globe. Like the organisations of other Indian states, “Agartala Cycloholics” works as a bicycle community for the north-eastern state of Tripura. This year they are going to organise “Independence Day Cycle Ride”, to celebrate our great Independence Day on the coming 15th August. Nearly one to two hundred bicycle lovers from different professions across the society, are expected to participate in this program.

The ride will start from Swami Vivekananda Stadium,Astabal, which is both the starting and the finishing point we will travel roughly 35 to 40 kilometre in between, touching different areas of Agartala City . “We will ride along one corner of the road, so that the passage for other vehicles wouldn’t be obstructed. All of us will carry our National Flag on the bicycles. All of us will wear t-shirts of the same design. We are the first to arrange such a rally in Tripura, and we need everybody to join their hands with us, to make the program a grand success. We hope that the bicycle ride will run smoothly with wholehearted cooperation from everyone around us” said by Gopesh Debnath, Founder of Agartala Cycloholics.

The rally is named ‘Freedom Ride 2019’. Agartala Events For You is the official event partner. The event is supported by ONGC Tripura Asset. Jubo Somaj, Track & Trail, Swarnakamal Jwellers, Agartala- City of Joy & Peace are major associates and sponsors of this event.

The event is appreciated by Department of Youth & Sports Affairs, Govt. Of Tripura.

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