Vipralapta.. revival of a lost art.

This is the seventh year that Vipralapta is going to rock the stage again.

The yearly event that introduces talented orators of the state is going to be organised on 23rd August, 2019 at Sukanta academy of Agartala. Before that debate competition was getting almost extinct from the co curricular activities from school, which used to take place earlier.

Debating in schools helped students a lot to build confidence in them and developed skill of speaking at any stage.

Shishu Bihar Alumni Association again organised this event as their first effort to reorganize the lost art in this small state where education is no less important than other part of the country. Since 2013, the Association is organising the event for the school students.

Shishu Bihar Alumni association is known to be one of the most vibrant Alumni Associations in the state. It was formed in the year 2011 with an issue of reverting the prestigious co ed school as the girls’ only school.

The ex students all over the world raged against the decision of the then Government and protested against it. The Association, with wholehearted support from a large number of ex students, ex teachers, guardian could convince the Govt and reverted back as Co ed school again.

However, the Association is not only concerned with the welfare of the school, it is involved in various social activities throughout the year since inception. Among all other activities, the School level Debate Competition “Vipralapta” is a remarkable one. Talented students from various famous schools enjoy their participation in the event.

Eminent personalities take part for judgement of the shows to make it a standard one. It’s true that most of the people are not interested in debating, but still it has created attraction among the people of different taste.
This year it’s going to be presented with a makeover.

Let’s be there and have a different experience with Vipralapta.

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