Awareness campaign and Charity organised by team Bhojanam at Sabar Para,West Noagaon

Team bhojanam is a initiave by some young people of Tripura, held every year. It was started three years back.

Today it was their third time. The team members feed poor needy people

The program held at Sabar Para,West Noagaon, Tripura. The team members fed 350 villagers, They also gave some ammities to the Sabar people, the landless colony people.

There are 14 families in sabar colony, the team members gave them matress ,buckets, mosquito nets to the pregnant mother ,womens horlicks to geriatric people and nutritional products.

The Team members also provided the children with some educational tools,sports materials.

The Team members have given education about menstrual hygeine to the women, distributed sanitary pads,and demonstrated the use of it.

The Team thanked to all the kind hearted people who contributed to make this program a successful one.

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