Agartala City witnessed Cycle Rally on World Car Free Day

‘The Only Fuel You Need Is Your Legs’, the motto of the cycling community ‘Agartala Cycloholics’ came to life when World Car Free Day was celebrated encouraging the city locale using personal motor vehicles to give up their cars for a day.

The idea behind it was to promote walking, cycling and other means of public transport. The initiative globally aimed at getting rid of motor vehicles and pollution for at least 24 hours, minimizing traffic congestion thus reducing pollution level.

Agartala Cycloholics was founded in 2018 with the idea of ressurection of the environment which the city celebrated prior to becoming congested with motor vehicles, as now resulting in pollution and lesser agriculture harvest.

The entrepreneur of the Cycloholics group, Mr. Gopesh Debnath had this dream of reviving the city whilst he started communicating his thoughts with random strangers he found cycling around the city.

He would be quoting Robert Swan, ‘The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it’, whilst encouraging the group to be the stepping stone for preservation of the environment.

According to him, just being aware of the scale of air pollution and associated repurcussions resulting in health problems is not enough but such rides ‘daily’ can be the vision of what a future healthy nation could be like.

Cyclists from all over the city joined the rally that started from Selfie Point, Heritage Park at 6 am. The ride covered a route of 15 kms around the city concluding at Ujjyanta Palace. The riders also took part in Swacchh Bharat Mission by brooming the premises of Indo-Bangladesh Border Security check with army personnels.
The event was managed by Agartala Events For You. Dum Pukht, a newly inaugurated restaurant in Agartala served the group as its refreshment partner with Agartala City of Peace and Joy being the Social Media Partner.

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