Local News

Tripura Natural Gas Company started the test run of its 10th CNG Station at Hawaibari -Teliamura.

Tripura Natural Gas Company Ltd started the test run of its 10th CNG Station at Hawaibari -Teliamura.

This CNG station has created a 36.7 Km Green CNG Corridor between Agartala and Teliamura and expected to bring in relief for the vehicle owners by providing them eco-friendly and cost-effective CNG, who generally used to come to Khayepur or Agartala for filling up of CNG. This station will save both time and money for the CNG Vehicle owners from Teliamura & adjoining areas. Within hours of opening, CNG vehicles started lining up for the CNG. During the test run period, TNGCL will operate this station from 8 AM in the morning to 4 PM afternoon every day. Later on, the timing will be increased. MD TNGCL-Shri B Sinha has expressed his gratitude to the district administration and all concerned for their kind cooperation in bringing up this station.

TNGCL will be commissioning 7 CNG this financial year out of which 3 (including Teliamura) are ready for final commissioning pending the test run. The other two stations are IOCL run Mahanam Oil City at Ranir Bazar and N.G Saha Petroleum at Badharghat. TNGCL supplies PNG to over 42000 households in and around city of Agartala and over 550 Commercial & Industrial establishments.

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