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Former PWD minister Badal Chaudhury was sent to three days jail custody till 11th November

Former PWD minister Badal Chaudhury was sent to three days jail custody till 11th November .

Badal Chaudhury was released from GBP hospital around 12-00PM, police took him to produce in court.

Badal Chaudhury’s lawyer Arindam Bhattacharjee and Purushottam Roy Barman said that “Former Minister Badal Chaudhury had been released on wheel chair as he was unable to walk but within the court premise police had not made available wheel chair facility and made him walk the distance up to the court and they also further added that the copy of the discharge certificate from hospital had not been made available to the defence layers too”.

Tripura PWD department has found various questionable aspects in the works carried out in 2008-09.

Hence a vigilance enquiry was ordered by the government in cw irregularities in “Finalization of tenders and allotment of infrastructure development projects to PSUs and Private Companies in 2008-09”. These projects (roads, buildings and bridges)amounted to over Rs 600 crores. However many norms were flouted in the tendering process like giving undue advantage to certain players over others, price escalation beyond stipulated 10% limit and eventually resulting in excess payment causing massive losses to the state exchequer. Other violations like post tender negotiations with all players and not following two bid systems were also observed. The vital documents pertaining to the whole process went suspiciously missing from the department prompting the PWD to lodge a theft case earlier.

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