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People linked with commission system only claims crisis of food & work : Chief Minister

People linked with commission system only claims crisis of food & work : Chief Minister

The people who were earlier habituated in taking commission from the common people are now trying to frame story on crisis of food and work because the old pattern had come to an end following the introduction of online system, Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri Biplab Kumar Deb said this after attending the Janata Darbar at Dhanyaram Karbari Para HS School in Chawmanu today.

After interacting with the people here, the Chief Minister said, “there was no complaint on crisis of food or work from anyone who came with there grievance at the Janata Darbar.
The people, who always blamed the Union Government and deprive the people of Tripura for 25 years, claim about crisis of food and work.”

“I don’t feel any central deprivation is there because I do get most of the things I demand from the Centre.
And, I don’t need to stage dharna or protest for this. Earlier the same word- central deprivation was being used just to run their party politics”, the Chief Minister said.

“When it comes to works, the allocation of persondays under MGNREGA has been increased from 3 crore to 4 crore.

In Chawmanu, the MGNREGA works were done three times more,” the Chief Minister added.

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