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‘Onion’ century : Kitchen tears after onion crosses Rs 100 a kilo in Tripura

The price of onions in several cities around the country has crossed the century mark meaning that a kilogram of onions could now cost you over a hundred bucks.

In other cities, the situation isn’t really any better

On Tuesday, onion was selling for anything between Rs 100 and Rs 120 per kilo in retail markets across the city. Even at Golbazar Market, the city’s biggest wholesale vegetable hub, “superior quality” onion sold for Rs 100 a kilo, though there were few takers.

“Most of Agartala’s onion supply comes from Nashik and Ankola in Maharashtra. This year, there was rain during Ganesh Chaturthi, which damaged the crop. The resultant scarcity raised prices.” On Wednesday, onion sold at Rs 110 in Lake Chowhomoni market, Rs 115 in GB Bazar, and Rs 110 in Battala market.

In Kowai also price of Onion reached 100.

The price has been steadily rising for the past three months.

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