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Previous Left govt was not interested to improve livelihood and providing basic amenities to people : CM Biplab Deb

Even after more than 70 years of Independence, seventy percent of the people living in different Tribal areas across the state are facing drinking water problem just because of the poor mentality of previous left front government.

Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri Biplab Kumar Deb said this at a programme in the city on Monday.
The party that had failed to provide even basic amenities including drinking water to the people in 25 years now raises question and misguides people on the present development status, Shri Deb said.

“I have visited several Tribal areas in rural parts of the state. More than 70 percent of the people living in such areas raised a common demand for drinking water facility,” Shri Deb said.

“The previous Left Front government in its 25-year-long rule didn’t have the mentality of providing drinking water facility to all,” he said adding that the new government within twenty months of its formation introduced Atal Jaldhara Mission to ensure drinking water facility to every household by December 2022, the Hon’ble Chief Minister said.

“The state government has set its target to provide 60,000 water connections under Atal Jaldhara Mission this year. As many as 40,000 connections have already been provided and the remaining target will be achieved by March, next,” Shri Deb claimed.

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