People applauds grand evening by RAZEM 7.0

Razem 7.0 which was organised by Sri Krishna Mission Alumni gets great response from people especially youths.

The main attractions of the evening was Bengali Youtuber Kiran Datta, the bong guy and vocalist Zaman Khan.

Agartalites were amazed to see their favourite Youtuber Kiran Datta and famous vocalist Zaman Khan infront of their eyes. Zaman Khan and Kiran Datta both expressed their gratitude to perform in a fullpacked hall.

Srikrisna Mission Alumni association was formed in the year 2011 since then they have been arranging various social activities like blood donation etc.

Marking their 7th year they arranged this bonanza.

Srikrisna mission alumni has been active in various social activities and relief activities in the recent few years.

They donated ten thousand for assam flood relief funds, arranged black march against rape,organised several blood donation camps, Medicine donation to NGO for animals Pawsome, 150kg rice and 50kg pulse donation to NABAPRANTIK.

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