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Govt takes multiple steps to build foundation for quality education: CM

Chief Minister Shri Biplab Kumar Deb on Sunday said his government is working for improvement in various sectors including Education following which Tripura is gradually transforming into a model state.

He said the state government took multiple steps like introduction of NCERT syllabus to build the foundation for quality education.

“During the Left rule there was no foundation in the Education system here. The present government took several ambitious steps including introduction of NCERT syllabus and centralized examination system to overcome the shortcomings in the Education system,” he said.

The Chief Minister was speaking at South District-level NSS Festival at Belonia Town Hall on Sunday. Meanwhile, he acknowledged Belonia’s role in maintaining rate of literacy and quality of education. “Belonia plays a vital role in the Education system of state,” he said.
Deb expressed that people might raise question how Tripura would become a model state in just one year left.

In this context, Shri Deb said, “to ensure quality education, the state government has implemented NCERT syllabus within only three months following which the Central Government now presents Tripura as model in the country. It is one of the instances of Model Tripura.”
He said, during the Left rule, there was not a single instance where the government had failed to get sufficient candidates for recruitment in any posts.

“The previous Left Front government used to decide in advance to whome provide government job—political party identity was the key parameter for recruitment. As a result, many of the existing stenographers who were recruited during the Left rule (now posted in Secretariat) even don’t have proper typing skills— in many cases the officers have to do typing,” he added.
“But at present the recruitment system has totally changed.

We brought transparency in the recruitment process following which the present state government is facing dearth of eligible candidates in most of the cases,” he said citing the poor results of last TET and Stenographers’ selection process.

“Over 1.16 lakh candidates had appeared in TET but only around 1,200 could qualify the examination. Similarly, only 50 candidates could qualify for around 170 vacant posts of Stenographers.
The apathy of previous Left front government in not ensuring quality education remains the key reason behind such shocking results,” Shri Deb said adding that the state government is providing scholarships for meritorious SC, ST,OBC students to prepare for UPSC examinations, but because of lack of quality education the results are not upto the expectation.

In the programme, the Chief Minister also highlighted the achievements of state government in the past twenty months.

Sri Deb also visited a blood donation camp organized as part of the NSS festival and encouraged the donours.
The Chief Minister also took part in other programme — the 132nd birth anniversary of Sri Sri Thakur Anukul Chandra and in which he sought blessings for the welfare of the people of Tripura.

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