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Bicycle parade on Jan 26

Cycling – Groups can organise a bicycle parade in their respective towns to create a pedal revolution and popularise cycling across India. All Cycling Groups must organise it on the same day 26th Jan, 2020 and at the same predetermined time say 09:00 IST.


As a matter of fact there is a Guinness World RecordTM that we are breaking while conducting a bicycle parade at multiple locations. Here are the details:

Record Name:- Most people participating in Bicycle Parades Simultaneously (Multiple Venues)
The most people participating in bicycle parades simultaneously in multiple venues is 1,36,411 participants achieved in an event organised by the Government of Thailand at 77 locations across Thailand, on 16 August 2015.

The record is for the no. of participants and there are no other guidelines such as cycling in a single line, maintaining consistent speed etc unlike the event in Kochi. Evidence has to be collected and sent to Bicycle ParadeTM to submit it to the Guinness World RecordTM.


  1. You will proudly wear the same official jersey worn by the participants of Bicycle ParadeTM 2020 Kochi except the location is yours with organiser’s logo on it.
  2. You will get a certificate of Participation and Medal from the Bicycle ParadeTM. If the attempt is successful after the review of the Evidence in a few working days, each participant will get a Guinness World RecordTM Certificate and Medal.
    So me Gopesh Debnath, founder of Agartala Cycloholics and an Cycling Mayor ,BYCS , Amsterdam are going to organise it

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