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District Level Monitoring Committee set to scrutinize Pvt TV Channel contents

The district level monitoring committee for west Tripura comprising eight members and with DM and collector of West Tripura as its chairman will monitor programmes and advertisements of private satellite channels, private FM radios and community radio stations.

The committee will take action concerned channels for any violation of Programme and Advertisement Codes (Sections 5 & 6) of the cable television networks (regulation) Act-1995 and also for violation of Rules 6 & 7 of the Cable Television Networks rules-19941 and other provision of the said Act and Rules.
The committee will ensure adherence to AIR broadcast code suo moto and complaint basis.

It is observed that certain rumours are being spread in the Print , electronic and social media that the said District Level Monitoring Committee will ban the airing of local cable channels which is untrue, concocted and baseless.

The AIR broadcast code does not permit :-

1) criticism of friendly countries

2) attack on religions and communities

3) anything obscene or defamatory

4) incitement to violence or anything against maintenance of law and order

5) anything amounting to contempt of court

6) aspersions against the integrity of the president and judiciary

7) anything affecting the integrity of the nation and criticism by name of any person.

The monitoring committee had been constituted according to provisions of specific central law.

The tenure of the committee will be Five years

The Major Role of the District level committee :-

To provide a forum where the public may lodge a complaint regarding content aired over any television distribution platform, private FM channels and Community Radio Stations operating in the District and take action on the same as per procedure prescribed herein.

To keep a watch on the content carried by the television distribution platform operators at local level that it is in conformity with the prescribed programme and Advertisement codes.

To monitor that Multi System Operators and alocal Cable Operators are operating after valid registration.

To immediately bring to the notice of State Government is any programme is affecting Public order or causing resentment in any community.

To monitor that the MSOs and LCOs are carrying only digital encrypted signals

To monitor that only Bureau of Indian Standards complaints set Top Boxes are provided by MSOS/LCOs to consumers.

To keep a watch on the content carried by Private FM channels and Community Radio Stations operating in the District so that they abide by AIR Broadcast Code.

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