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Will the TOTELL in the winter ethers be the place for the younger generation to hang out in a loose light?

The answer to this question has been long ago in the artist’s palace. This is just the third time officially, they are reporting.

On February 15th and 16th, a flurry of young people and their representatives will be on the grand roof of the Gitanjali Guest House, launching an unique new way of lighting the city at night.

In a beautiful assemblage of various artists, journalists and distinguished personalities, various troop of undocumented, unpublished young generation of writers, singers, comedians have been presenting their own original creation conceptualised by TOTELL, an exceptionally active office whose mission is to showcase unparalleled creative talent,form the past two seasons, presented by The Bamboowala and powered by Gurukul.

And this time they are preparing for season 3.
This event basically seeks out independent artists who haven’t had the right stage or the right opportunity to develop their talent.

Each time, artists in four languages – Bengali, English, Hindi and the language of the traditions of Tripura – will also present their own creations in Kokborok.
‘The Bamboowala’ presents the event The Terrace Open Mic 3.0 which is conceptualised by TOTELL and appreciated by Tripura Tourism.

The The Terrace Open Mic 3.0 team warmly welcomes participants to showcase their artistic talents in their respective fields.

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