SC Orders Centre to Grant Permanent Commission to Women in Army, Ensure Equal Footing in Appointments

The Supreme Court on Monday ordered the Indian Army to grant permanent commission to women within three months, rejecting the stereotypes that only women are responsible for domestic duties.

“Women officers shall be entitled to all consequential benefits. These will include those who have even retired,” the SC held.

‘মহিলা অফিসাররা সেই সব সুবিধা পাবেন, যা পুরুষ অফিসাররা সেনায় পান৷ অবসরের পরেও৷ পুরুষদের সঙ্গে মহিলাদের কাঁধে কাঁধ মিলিয়ে লড়াইয়ের সময় এসে গিয়েছে। এমনই নির্দেশ দিয়েছে সুপ্রীম কোর্ট’

Pulling up the Centre for not complying with the High Court as well as Supreme Court orders, the court said all terms of appointments of women officers shall be same as their male counterparts.

The court noted that there was no ground to deny women officers permanent commission even if they have completed 14 years. “SSC women officers less than 14 as well as beyond 14 years of service will be granted permanent commission,” the SC ruled.

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