Once again AGARTALA has witnessed the incredible cultural evening of 2020

“The Terrace Open Mic 3.0” with the great appreciation from TRIPURA TOURISM and the GEETANJALI TOURISM GUEST HOUSE, presented by THE BAMBOOWALA, conceptualized by TOTELL, Powered by GURUKUL COACHING Sponsored by NILJYOTI TRAVELS & AMAR GRAPHICS,On 15th and 16th of February.

More than 50 voices came to the forefront to present their original creations of poetry, story telling, song, comedy on the roof of Geetanjali Guest House. Santanu Chakraborty
and Sanhita Sinha, the editorial duo did an excellent job of selecting 53 participants out of 112 registered applicants.

The artists grabbed the chance to present
their creations in Kokborok, Bengali, Hindi and English infront of more than 300 spectators.

Many established enterprises like DUMPUKHT, AGARTALA EVENTS FOR YOU, AGARTALA- THE CITY OF PEACE AND JOY, ACADEMY OF EXCELLECE,BITHI , Sound Beats cooperated with TOTELL in organizing this two days event.

The two brilliant faces of the state, Antima Baidya and Swattik Chakraborty have hosted the successful episodes of “The Terrace Open Mic 3.0” eloquently.

The occasion was graced with the august presence of Nandita Dutta, the well known senior journalist of the State, Tripura’s first woman air traffic controller Bipasha Hrangkhawl,
Freaky- newly noted rapper of the state, Funholic Chokrey-the prominent Youtubers who recently received the ‘Silver Button’

On the 2nd episode of the event, the special noted artists was RAJ AGNIHOTRI,the stand-up comedian from Mumbai. And such like great artist of Tripura like B K Hrangkhawl , ARNAV CHAKRABORTY ,aben, freakky NABIL etc.

Co-founder of TOTELL, Joyshankar Bhattacharjee opined that TOTELL is and will always be with the talents of the entire North Eastern region and will
dedicatedly work towards providing a well deserved platform to them. TOTELL desires to uphold the rich culture of the North Eastern region to the zenith that it truly deserves. He is thankful towards the entire crew

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