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Scaling the ladder of Counter-Insurgency measures, BSF Tripura Frontier added another feather on its crest, when three (03) active Cadres of NLFT, belonging to splinter group of Parimal Deb Barma surrendered before Sh. Rakesh Ranjan Lal, Deputy Inspector General Gokulnagar on 18 Feb 2020 at about 08:00 AM, with 02 Nos of Pistols, 02 Magazines and 528 rounds of Ammunition.

The surrendered Cadres namely SS Second-in-Command, Sanna Kumar Tripura (29 years) S/o Birendra Kishor Tripura along with Jarma Ram Tripura (22 years) S/o Haradhan Tripura, both R/o Vill- Suto Sakbari, PS- Manubazar, Distt- South Tripura and Sudaram Reang (38 years) S/o Roshimila Reang R/o Vill- Ashapara, PS- Ananda Bazar, Distt- North Tripura decided to reject the armed fight and joined the mainstream.

Sanna Kumar Tripura joined the Outfit in 2016 and underwent armed training at Bandarban (Thanchi). Whereas, Jarma Ram Tripura and Sudaram Reang joined insurgency one and half years back.
In the recent past, large number of NLFT (SD) Cadres had surrendered before the Govt Officials of the State and other Security Forces.

return of the important Cadres of NLFT into the mainstream of our society is a sign of peace, tranquility and prosperity in the State of Tripura.

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