Sports Meet 2020 organised by Shishu Bihar Alumni Association

Shishu Bihar Alumni Association, an association of the ex students of Shishu Bihar H/s school has organised a two day Inter School Alumni Association sports meet 2020 on 22nd feb.2020 & 23rd Feb 2020 held in the premises of Shishu Bihar H/s school.

Since formation of the association in 2011 SBAA is organising various events for development of education system and also indulged in various social activities. This year launching of sports meet for all Alumni association puts a new feather in the crown.

The event was inaugurated on 22nd Feb 2020 at Shishu Bihar School by Hon’ble Minister of Education Ratan Lal nath, Pranab Sarkar, secretary Agartala Press club was also present as special guest.

Education Minister Ratan Lal Nath appreciated the initiative and also admired to contribute more for the respective school.

Many Alumni Association participated in the event.

The initiative of Shishu Bihar Alumni Association given a great pleasure for participation in the event like cricket, chess, carrom, Batminton and tug of war.

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