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Status report on COVID-19 as on 25.03.2020:

📣Status report on COVID-19 as on 25.03.2020:

1️⃣ All level control rooms have been made functional and staff put on duty for 24 hours.

2️⃣ The control room numbers publicised on social media.

3️⃣ Video conference held by Sh. S K Rakesh with all DMs, SPs and CMOs.

4️⃣ Strict monitoring of markets is going on to ensure that there is no shortage of essential food items and that prices do not rise.

5️⃣ Helicopter has been pressed into service to bring supplies from Kolkata and Guwahati.

6️⃣Action is being taken by Police department to enforce lockdown.

7️⃣ Samples taken for 8 persons who travelled with the Manipur patient who tested positive. The result will come by night. Samples of 2 persons will be taken tomorrow. One person has been categorised as low risk as he was sitting far away from the Manipur patients.

8️⃣ All persons kept in home quarantined being monitored regularly twice a day so as to ensure that the samples are taken in case they develop symptoms.

🔟 Till 5 pm no positive or suspected case has come to light in the state.

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