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Hon’ble Governor’s message to the people of Tripura on Corona virus pandemic

Hon’ble Governor of Tripura Shri Ramesh Bais expressed his views on the deadly pandemic Covid 19 in an exclusive interview with Mr Pranab Sarkar, Editor of Headlines Tripura.

Hon’ble Governor of Tripura Shri Ramesh Bais said that Govt of India and Govt of Tripura has done an excellent job in restricting the spread of the virus.
India has the 2nd largest population.
in such cases the chances of transmission is quite high. Relatively smaller countries like Italy, Spain and developed nation like USA has failed to contain the infection.

When the rest of the world is suffering from the deadly Pandemic Covid 19, he said he is grateful to the God that there is still no case of covid 19 in the state.

The govt authorities along with police authority health workers is doing everything possible to secure health and basic needs of citizens he also added.

When asked about the International borders with bangladesh issue the governor said that he talked with the DIG to strictly scrutinize every movement across border and take necessary steps.

Recently he talked with the Chief Minister of Tripura, DGP, Chief Secretary, Health Secretary for every update on the ongoing lockdown.

He applauded the works of healthworkers, law enforcers, journalist who are constantly working on field.

“We are in 2nd stage of transmission,
to restrict the spread of infection in 2nd stage only” he urged every responsible citizen to stand by the side of govt in this low times to remain vigilant of the situation

He also highlighted the importance of social distancing in fight against Corona Virus.

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