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CM calls for delivering best in ‘Service to Humanity’

Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb today held a telediscussion with around 1200 elected representatives up to Panchayat level to encouraged them to deliver their best in ‘service to humanity’.

During his discussions with Zilla Sabhadhipatis, Zilla Saha-Sabhadhipatis, Pradhans and Upa-Pradhans of Panchayat, Chairman and Vice-Chairman of Panchayat Samities, the Chief Minister informed them about the steps taken by the government to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic as well as to provide assistance to the needy people across the state in view of the lockdown.

Apart from this, he specially urged the Pradhans of bordering areas to ensure community monitoring in their respective areas so that no person from Bangladesh can enter Tripura.

In the teleconference, the Chief Minister said, “Through people’s vote we became public representative. Besides, the honorarium of the elected representatives has been hiked so that public representative can work for the people with dedication. I believe, if we deliver our best in service to humanity then Tripura will definitely march ahead.”

“The state government already prepared a plan to recover the loss incurred following the lockdown within 100 days. The elected representatives have a major role to play in this regard and they also need to have plans for their areas, he said.

“If needed, the elected representatives have to work overtime so that the post-lockdown economy returns to normalcy and various works of State and Central schemes get completed. A Pradhan, if wants, can change the entire village,” the Chief Minister said.

“We have distributed around 10 lakh leaflets for raising awareness among the people on preventive measures of COVID19, around 94 percent beneficiaries already lifted free ration, as many as 22000 migrant labourers have been given monetary help of Rs. 1000 each apart from food packets,” he said while asking the public representatives to ensure that various benefits reached to actual beneficiary.

“Being the Chief Minister, I do get official data of various schemes in files but you people (public representatives) need to function actively so that the benefits/ assistance can reach the beneficiaries,” he said in the teleconference.

“Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has given permission for MGNREGA works and the centre released sufficient funds for the same. Total amount of Rs. 94 crore has already been disbursed to bank accounts of the beneficiaries,” he said adding that the Centre had released mandays of More Rs. 64 crore for which the government would now start work.

In this context, the Chief Minister asked the Panchayat representatives to talk to Panchayat Secretaries and BDOs today itself for generating mandays in their respective area.

The Chief Minister also said the state government decided to provide relief of Rs. 1000 to as many as 40000 construction workers. Among them, 25000 beneficiaries already received the assistance and the process for remaining 15000 is on.

He said, “Around 4000 packets of cooked food are being distributed daily among the people of urban local bodies. A many as 8666 street vendors are getting financial assistance of Rs. 1000 each from CMRF apart from free rationing.”
Now, it is responsibility of the elected representatives to cross check the ground reality—whether the beneficiaries are receiving the benefits.

“The state government has released over Rs. 22.07 lakh to the people of Tripura now stranded in Tripura Bhavans of Delhi Kolkata and Guwahati. The Government also extended financial assistance of Rs. 43.45 lakh to 1779 state’s people now stranded in other states (outside Tripura Bhavans) till yesterday.
We kept budget of Rs. 3.88 crore for extending monetary help to the stranded people—Rs. 1000 for accommodation per person per day and Rs. 150 for food per person per day,” the Chief Minister said.

“The state government is also providing financial assistance of Rs. 1000 each from CMRF to 6979 hardcore Jhumias, mostly indigenous section. It is very unfortunate that as many as 1400 Jhumias, who don’t even have land, are APL card holders, the Chief Minister said.

“We also provided assistance of 4.65 crore from CMRF to around one lakh MGNREGA job card holders (Rs. 500 each) of twelve aspirational blocks. The government also decided to provide Rs. 2000 to 700 flower growers each in two instalments. Besides, 372 newspaper hawkers have been given one-time assistance of Rs. 1000 each along with free ration,” the Chief Minister said.

In his message, the Chief Minister asked the elected representatives to ensure that the people in their respective areas are receiving the benefits of various schemes announced by the state and central governments in view of the lockdown. Before concluding the teleconference, he urged all to create ‘human fence’ in the patches where there is no border fencing to prevent infiltration.

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