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Police engagement at Syandan Patrika office ; huge Stir in Journalist asso

Agartala Press Club strictly condemned the intervention by police at Syandan patrika office.

Yesterday a team of policemen led by OC of West PS intervened at Syandan Patrika office regarding publication of a advertisement.

On getting the news Agartala Press Club Secretary Pranab Sarkar rushed to Syandan Patrika office and talked to President of Agartala Press Club Subal Dey.

Notably during the left tenure also, Headlines Tripura office was also searched multiple times by the police.

The press club is deeply concerned about this similar police action.

Press club even issued a final warning for the state govt and police department.

Pranab Sarkar, All India Secretary of Indian Journalists Union, Secretary of Agartala Press Club today resigned as a member of the State Media Monitoring Committee.

In a letter to District Megistrate and Collector of West Tripura Mr Sarkar wrote “I would like to inform you that due to my personal reasons I have resigned from the post of State Media Monitoring Committee today. I would be highly obliged if you take off my name as a member from the list of the State Media Monitoring Committee”.

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