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Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare has written to the Health Departments of all States/UTs to ensure adequate availability of blood in blood banks

As part of a pre-emptive, proactive and graded response policy, Government of India is taking several steps along with the States/UTs for prevention, containment and management of COVID-19. These are being regularly reviewed and monitored at the highest level.

Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare has written to the Health Departments of all States/UTs to ensure adequate availability of blood in blood banks. In particular, for people needing regular blood transfusion with blood disorders such as Thalassemia, Sickle Cell Anemia, and Hemophilia etc. He has also stated that the online portal ‘e-RaktKosh’ needs to be used for the real-time status monitoring of the current stock of each blood group.

As part of the collaborative approach for COVID-19 management, Indian Red Cross has started a 24X7 control room in Delhi for blood services. The numbers are: 011-23359379, 93199 82104, 93199 82105.
The Empowered Committed-4, which is entrusted with Augment Human Resources and capacity Building, has developed the COVID WARRIORS dashboard which contains data for 20 categories (with 49 sub categories) human resources including MBBS doctors, AYUSH doctors, nurses, frontline workers like ASHA, Anganwaadi workers, healthcare workers trained under various schemes of Government of India like PMKVY, DDU GKY, DAY–NULM, and health volunteers like NCC, NYKS, NSS, Ex-Servicemen. At present there is data for more than 1.24 cr. human resources on the dashboard and it is continuously being updated with addition of new groups and sub groups as per specialization. The dashboard contains State and District wise information about the number of human resources available from each group, along with the contact details of respective State and District Nodal officers.

The platform provides anytime anywhere onsite delivery of training material material/modules accessible through any device (mobile/laptop/desktop). The platform has 14 courses with 53 modules with includes 113 videos and 29 documents.

As on date, 14995 AYUSH professionals have been deployed in 15 States and 2 UTs, whereas 3492 NCC Cadets and 553 NCC staff have been deployed in 68 districts in 16 States and 3 UTs. More than 47000 cadets have already enrolled for training and will be available for deployment. Also, 1,80,000 Ex Servicemen have been identified by the Sainik Boards for deployment. More than 40,000 volunteers from Indian Red Cross are actively participating in COVID 19 related activities in over 550 districts in the country. As many as 27 lakh volunteers of NYKS and NSS volunteers across all States and UTs are working with the civic authorities in COVID 19 related activities.

In view of instances of hospitals getting closed as some healthcare workers became positive and some patients admitted for unrelated disease in non-COVID hospitals becoming positive, the Ministry of Health has issued guidelines to be followed on detection of such cases in a non-COVID Health Facility.

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