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Primary Sectors to revive economy post lockdown : CM

Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb has made a clarion call to increase activities in the Primary Sectors as an alternative to tackle the adverse impact of lockdown on state’s economy.

The Chief Minister said that the primary sectors like Poultry, Fisheries, Animal Husbandry Dairy, Agriculture, Horticulture and Floriculture generate early income with less investment.

“The new government started working to strengthen the primary sectors from the beginning. But, considering the present situation, the deadline we set for achieving self sufficiency in such sectors has to be reduced by one or two years so that the economy that suffered a lot following the COVID19 pandemic can be balanced,” the Chief Minister said while addressing the people via a video message.

He said that the government would not step back from its goal of transforming Tripura into a model state. He sought cooperation from all sections of people in this context.

The Chief Minister said that Tripura earns maximum revenue of around Rs. 1500 crore per year from the Rubber sector.
“But the demand of rubber has now come down in markets outside the state. Tripura suffered a loss of Rs. 250 crore in the past two and half months– closure of the rubber industries in some states might be the reason. At such a situation, the government has decided to boost the primary sectors as an alternative to increase the revenue,” the Chief Minister said.

Laying importance on the need of developing primary sectors, the Chief Minister urged the people to start working from today itself. If needed, he suggested for availing subsidized loans under various schemes.

“People didn’t even imagine 8 to 10 years ago that a huge income can be generated by cultivating flowers. But in today’s scenario there are persons who are earning Rs. Two lakh per month from floriculture business. The flowers can be exported easily and this sector gives income in maximum six months,” he said.

The Chief Minister feels that Tripura has huge potentials in the field of fisheries.
“A good number of people specially indigenous section are involved in fisheries sector for livelihood. And, fish seeds are produced in the state. Andhra Pradesh procures fish seeds of Rs. 150 crore from West Bengal. If Tripura can meet the demand then the State will earn the same amount and the income of fish cultivators will increase substantially,” the Chief Minister said.
He also mentioned that the state government was already in touch with Andhra Pradesh in this regard. He urged all concerned engaged in this sector to work hard so that Tripura can supply the fish seeds to Andhra Pradesh this year itself.

The Chief Minister also pointed out that Tripura produces a large quantity of fruits like Jackfruit, Pineapple and Orange.

“Orange is produced in various places like Killa, Srinagar and Jampui Hills. The production has to be increased by three times. In Horticulture, the Centre and states are working on ‘one district, one fruit or one crop’ formula. We have planned to apply the formula in block level,” the Chief Minister said.

While addressing the people, he also stressed on increasing production Dairy, Agriculture and other primary sectors to achieve the goal of self sufficiency.

Meanwhile, the Chief Minister said that lockdown would continue till May 3 next and the government already allowed single shops and rural markets to open by maintaining the social distancing norms.
He urged the market committees to ensure that the social distancing norms and other guidelines are followed properly. At the same time, he stressed on the need on engaging volunteers instead of depending on police.

The Chief Minister also emphasized on use of face covers while urging the citizens to avoid spitting and urinating in public places.

In an important note, Chief Minister said that state government would arrange thermal screening in the markets.

He urged the people so that they continue with the guidelines and social distancing norms they followed dhring the lockdown for a healthy society.

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