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NSUI raised Education related demands, highlighting students’ problems

NSUI raised Education related demands, highlighting students’ problems

“NSUI Tripura during this pandemic situation of COVID-19 wanted to meet and discuss various issues with School Education Director however, he refused to meet” said NSUI Tripura State Vice President Samrat Roy while addressing media.

NSUI Tripura raised the following demands: –

  1. Online Classes are a good opportunity towards students however, it has come to notice that in areas of ADC and other village areas many families are underprivileged and has no access to TV or smartphones thereby, there are unable to have access of online classes. Moreover, several other students are confused as they have no previous training on use of online class system.
  2. Students belonging to categories of SC, ST, OBC, minority and others who falls under the criteria of stipend must be given the amount in advance with regard to their studies as many of them belong to families who are poverty-stricken.
  3. Few booksellers across Tripura have indulged themselves in black-market sell and purchase of textbooks who must be immediately identified and necessary action must be initiated.
  4. The Helpline numbers available from several government sectors have failed to provide response towards people in need and those needful people are sidelined thereby, it is an appeal that those helpline numbers must be active hereafter.
  5. As per new academic year begins textbooks of students from classes 1 to 8 must reach the students without any delay and difficulty.
  6. The bus service initiated for teachers who are involved in correcting answer scripts of board candidate students are facing troubles while reaching the Centre’s as number of buses provided by state govt. is less in number and even after repeated request from the teachers they have failed to increase the number of buses, also, social distancing is not maintained in those buses.

NSUI Tripura requests and appeal Tripura BJP-IPFT govt. to take note of the following points and take necessary steps to solve the issues.

NSUI Tripura thanks all student volunteers who are working tirelessly for the students across Tripura and also special thanks to Tripura Print & Electronic Media for highlighting student issues and being with the people of Tripura.

NSUI Tripura State Vice President Samrat Roy addressing media.

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