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14-day home quarantine mandatory for all coming from other states: CM

Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb has laid stress on ensuring mandatory home quarantine of all people coming from other parts of the country.

In this context, the Chief Minister while addressing the people in a video message this evening has also announced Corona Awareness and Monitoring committees up to village level. The Chief Minister himself would be the chairman of state level committee.

“Many people are now coming from various parts of the country through trains/ buses as arranged by the Government or individually. Though, random tests of all passengers are being done at 5:1 ratio apart from proper screening, still we need to take more precautions to prevent transmission of the COVID19 chain at community level,” the Chief Minister said while appealing to all to maintain social distancing norms and other guideline properly.

Elaborating the matter, the Chief Minister said it’s not possible for any state to conduct tests of all passengers.
“We are conducting maximum numbers of tests to ensure safety of all. In that case, the persons, who are not undergoing tests on their arrival from other parts, may also bear the novel coronavirus—as it appeared, most of the positive cases in Tripura have been found asymptomatic,” the Chief Minister said while emphasizing on the importance of maintaining 14-day home quarantine mandatorily.

He described the formation such committees as an initiative to ensure safety in village level because the state would be safe when the safety is ensured in village level. The committees would ensure 14-day mandatory home quarantine of all people coming from other states.

“Around 40000 to 50000 people will be arriving and that’s why the people need to be extra cautious for next one month. Nobody should take risk when it comes to COVID19,” he said in the video message.

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