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Ex CLP Leader Gopal Roy raises questions over COVID-19 package for Tripura

Tripura Pradesh Congress Committee Ex TPCC President and Ex CLP Leader Gopal Chandra Roy in a statement today said that “It is very astonishing that out of 20 lakh crore of economic package announced by the honourable Prime Minister of India only Rs. 4802 crores 88 lakh allotted for Tripura state during the situation of pandemic COVID19,which is only 0.24% of the total share”.

Mr Roy added in his statement that “In the press meet, our Chief Minister confessed that in maximum cases, state people as well as farmers, fishermen, animal brooder,horticultural farmers,bee keepers,temporary grocermen, unorganized labourers, contractor,migrant labourers may get this benefit for self sufficiency”.

He also added “Chief Minister is requested to publish the allotment in different items before the people of the state more precisely keeping crystal clear transparency along with the expenditure incurred upto the period for the purpose of COVID19 pandemic out of the total allotment”.

Ex CLP Leader Gopal Roy in his statement also said “A huge amount of fund from the different institutions has been received by the CM office as CM relief fund and its a continuous process going on.My utmost urge to CM how much relief fund has already been received and how much of it is spent till date,there is no clear-cut highlight on this”.

He demanded “My humble suggestion to the CM to provide Rs 7500 to all the poors(except the tax payers) in addition to the foodgrains for the future 4 months directly to their accounts for limiting the time interval.For the small and marginal farmers along with MSME industrial holders the allotted money on the above mentioned “forgiveness in different interests against debt” section can be increased upto 2 lakhs for increasing the demand”.

“Government should immediately think about the enlisted 7 lakhs of unemployed citizens of the state regarding their job even. In the initial stage of COVID 19, PM announced Rs 15000 crores being the cost of three times fooding for the migrated labours. What was the share of Tripura? It should be highlighted with height of honesty” Tripura Congress Leader Gopal Chandra Roy said.

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