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MP Rebati Tripura addressed more than 250 entrepreneurs from his parliamentary constituency East Tripura

Member of Parliament Rebati Tripura addressed more than 250 entrepreneurs from his parliamentary constituency East Tripura.

Emphasizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Self-reliant India’ campaign and ‘Vocal for Local’ MP Rebati Tripura from East Tripura Constituency in Tripura state talked to the entrepreneurs and businessmen of his parliamentary constituency through webinars on 24th May 2020 at 5 PM in the evening.

During this time, he kept his problems with entrepreneurs and businessmen and also gave them suggestions on the possibilities of employment and what can happen in it.

During this time the Member of Parliament Rebati Tripura said that how Tripura is full of natural resources and if these natural resources are used properly, Tripura can have a lot of potential for economic development and employment generation. Whether it is bamboo, rubber, pineapple or natural gas, all of these are abundant and if we plant the industry in Tripura, then we will be able to make these things more popular at the national and international level, so that the workers of Tripura who are working outside Tripura will get employment in Tripura itself and if the industry exists here and you work on these local products, then the Prime Minister’s concept Vocal for Local will be completed and the way in which we can see the local product in the whole world, we can make it famous. He also said that if we give a boost to the rubber industry in Tripura, then there is no need to import rubber from outside.

He also gave a solace to the entrepreneurs to help and he appealed to them that if we all work together for the development of Tripura, then definitely local products of Tripura will make their mark in the country and the world and will be able to contribute to the progress of Tripura.

Among these traders and local business men like Sujit Ghosh,Depanjan Paul, Surajdeb Nath,Partha Chaudhary and many others participated enthusiastically and said that this concept can make Tripura more vibrant and strong.

On May 12, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had appealed to become a vocal for the self-reliant India campaign and its local products. He also appealed to create a chain of demand and supply to enable the workers of the country to get employment.

Inspired by this ideology for MP Rebati Tripura from East Tripura Constituency, Namo Mantra established dialogue through video-meet (Swadeshi Web-Meet Software). During this time, the MP  discussed the possibilities of whatever local products are working in the entrepreneur or business sector and how to get better market. On this occasion, the MP said that our aim is that we and the people of our parliamentary constituency should also understand the global importance of their local products, give them time and create better employment in it. He said that in this work he stand with the people of his parliamentary constituency at every step. In collaboration with Namo Mantra Foundation on the instructions of MP Rebati Tripura – Short video on 10 such local products of East Tripura constituency and the film is being made which has its own global importance, has its own market, and in which most of the work force of that district is engaged, or more can be deployed. Such short videos will be promoteded to provide not only a competitive market at the village level, but also to try to develop a chain from local to international level to ensure the consumption of products.

The MP said that after making videos on the global importance of our 10 local products, we will organize an exhibition in our Parliamentary constituency and at the national level in New Delhi.

He said that to ensure its consumption, corporate houses, companies, market associations etc. would be added, while local products would also get help from government institutions, for this, by sending letters to the concerned ministries, government departments, chief ministers of all states for cooperation will also be requested.

The MP also praised the actions of the Chief Minister of the state – Biplab Kumar Deb ji and said Our Chief Minister from Tripura has been committed to employment generation and business promotion.

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