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Bicycle rally to be organised virtually

The Bicycle Mayors of India representing 40+ cities across India will be celebrating the World Bicycle Day on 3rd of June by launching the First Ever Virtual Bicycle Video followed by Live Bicycle Music Concert by renowned DJ Vispi. This is being done considering the current scenario wherein people across India are under lockdown and social distancing is the new normal.

The campaign called Celebrate World Bicycle Day with family was started, as a collaborative effort by all the Bicycle Mayors of India, with the idea to make our cycles a core part of our family as and call it our family cycle. Bicycle Mayors are appointed by the Netherlands based social enterprise BYCS (pronounced bikes) for advocating cycling as a sustainable mode of urban transport.

This campaign was supported by Mr. Lezbek Sibilski- the person who first came up with the idea for a World Bicycle Day and pushed for it with the United Nations. The highly respected Bicycle World, a Netherlands based group, also supported the campaign. Members started reaching out to cyclists and cycling clubs across India and beyond. Participants just had to share photos of themselves on their bicycles along with their family or friends.

The overwhelming response received for World Bicycle Day family photo campaign from across the country has been has been very motivating for all the Bicycle Mayors. People had been very creative in sending photographs wherein some were spotted in traditional dresses of their states, some sharing CoVID-19 messages and how cycling is the solution to most problems of this world. We have received over 1000 photos in this campaign which will be compiled into a beautiful video. The video will be launched during a live telecast on the Facebook Page of DJ Vispi at 8:00 PM on 3rd June, 2020 (facebook.com/djvispi). This live session will be shared by all the Bicycle Mayors and participating clubs across the country.

The video will be followed by a live music concert based on cycling by DJ Vispi. The music concert has been designed with special focus on cycling and cyclists from across the world and the kind of music they love.

GOPESH DEBNATH, Bicycle Mayor of AGARTALA,reached out to local club AGARTALA CYCLOHOLICS in AGARTALA for participation in the campaign.

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