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State to announce ‘Swanirbhar Parivaar’ scheme: CM

The Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb today said the state government would soon announce a scheme named Swanirbhar Parivaar Yojana for the betterment of the people.

While inaugurating a newly-built Sub-divisional Magistrate office in Jampuijala under Sepahijala district, Chief Minister Deb said, “Under this scheme, the state government will prepare package with 10 parameters for every family so that the people can have foods in their homes in any lockdown situation”.

He said that the state government has already undertaken a survey for Swanirbhar Parivaar Yojana. The package will include at least 10 arrangements including vegetable farming, piggery, at least one fruit plant, cattle rearing and poultry at every household. The government will arrange subsidized loans for this purpose.

The Chief Minister said the state government would bring 50,000 hectare land under maize cultivation in the next three years since this crop generates more income to the farmers.

“The state government will set up a fodder factory. The government along with private sector will purchase the produce benefiting the local farmers,” he said.

He also announced that the successful families in the 10 parameters along with ‘Clean Gram, Clean Ghar’ concept would be identified village wise and given prizes including cash reward. This initiative would bring competition among the people in village levels to achieve the goal Atmanirbhar Tripura, the Chief Minister said.

He also cited that the present government of the state is working for the development of people in all parts of the state.

“Special emphasis has been laid on improving the condition of women. Particular emphasis has been laid on the promotion of quality education so that the children of the state can achieve good results in the national competitions. The state government is arranging training for youngsters for various competitive examinations like IAS, IPS, TPS etc”, Chief Minister Deb added.

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