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Delhi has not reached community transmission stage, situation far better today in Delhi compared to June beginning, public need not to panic: Amit Shah

Union Home Minister, Shri Amit Shah has said that “Modi Government is handling the Covid situation very appropriately and the situation in Delhi is under control”. In an interview to a news agency, Shri Amit Shah said “there is no community spread in Delhi and there is no reason to worry”.

Union Home Minister said “Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, Shri Manish Sisodia, in a statement made during the second week of June, had said that the situation in Delhi is bad and that by the end of July the Covid infected population in capital Delhi would rise to 5.5 lakh, causing anxiety among the residents”. Shri Amit Shah said “normally it is the responsibility of the Delhi Government to take necessary steps to tackle the Covid situation, but Government of India stepped in to coordinate the efforts after the comments made by Deputy CM”. Considering the gravity of the situation, Shri Amit Shah said “he convened a coordination meeting on 14th June so that Central Government could help the Delhi Government in tackling the situation. Due to more testing now, there is a jump in the infection rate, but on the flip side there is an advantage that those who have been tested and found positive will be kept in isolation, which will help in checking the spread of infection”.

Union Home Minister said “he visited LNJP Hospital, to give a boost to the morale of the health workers and create confidence among the people. Various steps were also taken during the visit, such as installation of CCTV cameras in each ward, provision of secondary canteen to ensure continuous supply, pysho-social counselling of health workers and real time bed status information. Interaction with doctors over their difficulties helped in providing inputs for future strategies”.

Shri Amit Shah said “there are 30,000 beds available today compared to 9,937 beds as on 14th June. As a result, we are in a much better situation today as against the situation that prevailed in the beginning of June”. Union Home Minister said “House-to-house survey in all Containment Zones in Delhi will be completed by 30th June. Besides, serological survey has also been started”. Shri Amit Shah said “Efforts have been launched in collaboration with Delhi Government and MCD to check the spread of Coronavirus before infection. Reiterating that Delhi has not yet reached the stage of Community Transmission, he said testing is being scaled up, there is no need to panic”.

Delhi Government had announced a ban on treatment of outside patients in hospitals run by the Delhi Government. Shri Amit Shah said “Delhi being the national capital, people from different states come here for treatment. Central Government overturned this decision to make sure that the rightful treatment is given to everyone”, the Union Home Minister said.

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