Local News


In the midst of COVID pandemic, the troops of BSF Tripura Frontier are fully committed to curb the menace of trans-border crimes particularly Narcotics smuggling in the State of Tripura.

During various ‘Anti-Smuggling Drives’, BSF has been continuously conducting Operations and succeeded in seizing huge quantity of narcotics and other contraband items on regular basis. In series of such Operations, on intervening night of 01-02 July 2020, BSF troops seized 2180 Nos Yaba Tablets, 04 Kgs Ganja, 84 Bottles of Phensedyl and other miscellaneous contrabands, having combined value of Rs 11,83,254/-.

On 01 July 2020, in one of the operation based on a specific BSF intelligence input, the troops of Border Out Post GK Para, under PS PR Bari, District South Tripura, during special ambush in the target area successfully seized 2180 Nos Yaba Tablets, 04 Kgs Ganja, 84 Bottles of Phensedyl, 01 bottle of Liquor having combined market value 11,24,454/-.

Seized contrabands were handed over to Customs Belonia for further legal action.
In addition to curbing the smuggling activities in bordering areas of Tripura State; Vigilant BSF troops deployed on these extreme frontiers are also effectively maintaining peace and tranquility along the International Boundary.

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