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Health Ministry releases guidelines for gated residential complexes willing to set up COVID care facilities

The Health Ministry has released guidelines for gated residential complexes that wish to set up small COVID care facilities in their premises. The guidelines said, the COVID care facility will be a dedicated health facility for management of suspect, asymptomatic, pre-symptomatic and very mild cases of Coronavirus among the residents of the particular gated complex. 

It said, this facility is not meant for elderly patients, less than 10 years child, pregnant and lactating women, patients with comorbidities, who shall be admitted to the appropriate COVID care health facility.

The guidelines further said the COVID care facility will be a makeshift one which may be set up in a community hall, centre, common utility area within the premises of residential complexes or empty flats. It said, the COVID care facility should have a separate entry and exit. Entrance to have mandatory hand hygiene and thermal screening provisions for caregivers. The beds shall be placed with spatial separation of at least three feet from one another. 

The guidelines further said used linen, pillow covers, towels can be kept in disposable bags for 72 hours and then washed at the patient’s home using commonly used detergents. It said, Cleaning and regular disinfection of frequently touched surfaces like door knobs, elevator buttons, hand rails, benches and washroom to be carried out twice daily in all common areas.

The guidelines further said monitoring of the facility will be regularly done and it shall be regularly inspected by the registered respiratory therapists to provide guidance to the RWA and residential society.

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