‘HEART OF HUMANITY’- a philanthropic initiative aimed at serving poor people by Purvaudaya with direct involvement of citizens of the city.

‘HEART OF HUMANITY’- a philanthropic initiative aimed at serving poor people by Purvaudaya with direct involvement of citizens of the city.

At the outset let us introduce ‘Purvaudaya’, a not-for-profit NGO of Tripura which is dedicated to social activities and livelihood generation of the economically dependent people especially for the sustainable income generation for the women in the state. We are also involved in helping the needy directly and with the help of the citizens of the state at various levels and using different methods and ways.
The capital city of the state Agartala is emerging fast as an ambitious ‘Smart City’ under the aegis of the Agartala Smart City Ltd. While there are specific parameters and fixed features for a Smart City as envisaged by the experts and specialists on the subject, we feel that no city can be considered fully ‘Smart’ until and unless it caters to the huge needy population that remains faceless, and often unaccounted for, in the dark underbelly of the bubbling and glitzy city life. Here, we feel it becomes imperative for us as an NGO committed to service to the mankind, to do something in a meaningful and befitting manner.

Keeping this in mind Purvaudaya has come up with an innovative project titled ‘HEART OF HUMANITY’.
1) Concept :
The concept and objective of the project is simple: To set up three small outlets (small rooms) in some selected city corners/ roadsides—at Sankar Chowmuhani, Radhanagar Busstand and GB Bazaar ( Opp to Auto Rickshaw stand) where willing and well off citizens will voluntarily keep their unused and discarded objects like – clothes, mattresses, quilt, blankets, shoes, toys, books etc – which are still good shape and suitable enough for further use– in proper manner so that needy people can pick them up for their use. Apart from garments, toys for children, books, artefacts, bags, etc, there will also be special arrangements for foods with a refrigerator properly installed inside the outlet.

As you know, many families, restaurants, hotels find a good amount of food items remain unused not only during any programme or festival but also almost every morning. They can keep these food items in the ‘HEART OF HUMANITY’ outlets to be shared with less fortunate people. The food items which would have otherwise gone wasted would fill a hungry stomach. It will be especially useful for children to empower themselves with books, pen, pencil and other stationary items that are kept in the ‘HEART OF HUMANITY’. This platform will soon not only help generate among the common mass a sense of belongingness, brotherhood and inclusive approach socially but will also act meaningfully and decisively for the welfare of the people like Rickshaw pullers, daily wage earners, labourers and other needy segments. It is in all likelihood first of its kind in the entire country.
2) Operation :
The Heart of Humanity’ outlets will remain open and anyone who needs may come in and take away whatever he or she required—no question being asked, no bar being imposed. It is wholly free –both for the ‘giver’ and for the ‘taker’ as well.
What is unique and important in this charity project is that all will remain incognito. None will know who ‘gives’ and none will know who ‘takes’—which is actually the fundamental of Indian ethos of service and charity.
The entire project cost will be borne by Purvaudaya itself. There is no financial involvement on the part of the state government, AMC or ASL. The management of the ‘HEART OF HUMANITY’ will also rest on the Purvaudaya.
INAUGURATION – Date : July 23, 2020 ( Thursday)
3) All the HEART OF HUMANITY outlets will be inaugurated on July 23, 2020 (Thursday) which also coincides with Purvaudaya’s first anniversary.
4) Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri Biplab Kumar Deb has kindly consented to inaugurate the first Heart of Humanity outlet at Sankar Chowmuhani at 11 am , July 23, 2020. Hon’ble Minister for Education Shri Ratan Lal Nath and Hon’ble Mayor Dr Prafullajit Sinha have consented to grace the occasion by their presence.
5) Hon’ble Deputy Chief Minister Shri Jishnu Dev Varma has kindly consented to inaugurate the second HEART OF HUMANITY outlet at GB Bazaar area ( Opp to Autostand) at 2 pm. Here Hon’ble Transport and Tourism etc Minister Shri Pranajit Singh Roy will grace the occasion by his presence. Respected Commissioner of AMC Dr Sailesh Yadav, IAS will remain present in the programme.

6) Hon’ble Minister for Revenue, Fisheries etc Shri N C Debbarma has kindly consented to inaugurate the HEART OF HUMANITY outlet at Radhanagar Bustand at 5 pm. Hon’ble Minister for Social Welfare etc Sjta Santana Chakma has kindly consented to grace the occasion. Respected Special Secretary Shri Kiran Gitte, IAS , will also remain present on the occasion.
All the programmes will be organized in strict compliance with the guidelines, norms as prescribed and restrictions as imposed by the government maintain social distancing and other required precautionary measures in view of the prevalent Covid-19 pandemic situation.
Venues : 1) Sankar Chowmuhani : 11 am , 2) GB Bazaar ( Opp Auto stand) : 2 pm, 3) Radhanagar Busstand : 5 pm

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