Result of successful improvisation of drainage system in Agartala

Due to heavy downpour for two days, many parts of Agartala city had waterlogged.

But to recent improvement of drainage system by the Govt water level decreased significantly faster.

City dwellers are relieved and happy to carry on their daily lives promptly.

Inhabitants suggest under leadership of Chief Minister Biplab Deb state on the path of gradual development.

The accumulated water went down quickly.

This is the first time the city of Agartala has seen the perfection of proper drainage system.

Notably before BJP govt came to power drainage of the city was in a very poor condition.

Extensive waterlodding was a common sighting.

Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb visited Integrated Command & Control Center & took a thorough review of waterlogging situation caused in few points of Agartala following heavy rainfall.

In his tweet he said that situation is being monitored & necessary actions have been taken to pump out rain water dedicated staff are working round the clock in this pandemic.

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