Campaign calls on citizens and governments to #ResetWithCycling

The Covid-19 pandemic has reminded us of the pressing need to live in harmony with nature, and do our best to safeguard our environment. It’s also led us to reimagine what our cities should look like after the pandemic i.e. More Cycles, Less Cars.

Based on this idea is supporting the larger movements #ResetWithCycling created by the Indian cycling community, and Cycles4Change created by the Indian government.

We are asking citizens to do 2 activities:

  • Signing the National Petition at and the local petitions.Find the Agartala Petition here:
  • We are asking our national and local decision makers for better roads for a
    cycling infrastructure.
  • The Agartala petition starter, Agartala Cycloholics said, “We Agartala cyclists dream of our city that is healthier and safer. A cycling-friendly city is automatically healthier and safer. Our requests are detailed in the petition.”Campaign Videos
  • Two new videos were released by digital advocacy organisation to share this message.
    In the first video, Mumbai-based rapper Dee MC speaks of the new normal and the lessons we need to learn going forward. She asks citizens to experience

The second video, is an animated video about the life of Riya, a tiredoffice-goer
struggling through traffic and commuting woes. Her life takes a 360 degree turn once she begins cycling to work instead.

Shikha Kumar, Campaigns Manager, says, “The increase in bicycle sales across the country in the past few months has proven that they’re nojust for fun — but as a mode to avoid crowded public transport and practise physical distancing with ease. Our cities don’t have a cycling ecosystem — we need dedicated lanes, basic
infrastructure like public sharing stands and more. We hope this campaign leads us in that direction.” The Petitions
Citizens can also support local petitions from their own cities with more tailored
demands tailored — currently has campaigns from over 18 cities (see
below). Many of these are being run in collaboration with bicycle mayors part of BYCS India — like Firoza Suresh from Mumbai, Sathya Sankaran from Bengaluru, Arshel Akhter from Guwahati, Kanishka Poddar from Ranchi amongst others.

Agartala Cycloholics are leading the campaign from Agartala. “The bicycle is the simplest solution to the most complex problems! We need collective
action and a shift in mindset from both, citizens and our governments. Let’s work
towards a new normal that is smarter and sustainable. Our bicycle mayors are happy to associate with on #ResetWithCycling,” Sonal Kulkarni, BYCS India
City campaigns

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