Petrol rates hiked by around 10 paise; diesel rates remain unchanged

fuel prices vary in different parts of the country due to factors such as crude oil and foreign exchange rates. Three state-run oil marketing companies – Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum and Hindustan Petroleum – account for the majority of petrol and diesel stations in the country.

Oil marketing companies have raised petrol rates by 10-20 paise while diesel prices remain unchanged across major metro cities in India.

Delhi has witnessed an increase of 57 paise in petrol prices whereas Mumbai saw an uptick of 49 paise in petrol prices over the last four days. In metros such as Bengaluru and Hyderabad, petrol sells at Rs 83.63 per litre and Rs 84.18 per litre respectively after a hike of 11 paise whereas petrol prices in Noida saw a minute increase of 6 paise from Rs 81.45 per litre to Rs 81.51 per litre.

After a 48-day long break, oil companies have started revising fuel prices in line with costs from Sunday. However, diesel rates have remained constant for over 21 days now.

Currently, petrol prices in the national capital have risen by 10 paise today at Rs 81 per litre from Rs 80.90 per litre whereas diesel prices have remained constant at Rs 73.56 per litre.

Petrol rates in Mumbai stand at Rs 87.68 per litre, followed closely by Hyderabad at Rs 84.18 per litre, Chennai at Rs 84.09 per litre, Bengaluru at Rs 83.63 per litre, Kolkata at Rs 82.53 per litre, Noida at Rs 81.51 per litre and Gurugram at Rs 79.18 per litre.

Diesel is priced at Rs 80.11 per litre in Mumbai. Diesel rates remained unchanged across metros such as Kolkata and Hyderabad at Rs 77.06 per litre and Rs 80.17 per litre respectively.

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