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PM Narendra Modi writes a touching letter to MS Dhoni

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has written a letter to Mahendra Singh Dhoni, congratulating him on a glorious career, and describing the former India captain’s journey and influence as a sportsperson, coming from the cricketing backwaters of Ranchi.

The Prime Minister addressed Dhoni as ‘Dear Mahendra’ and called him “one of the important illustrations of the spirit of New India where family name does not make young people’s destiny ”.

They make their own names and their own destinies. In a letter to the former Indian Cricket team captain, who retired from international cricket last week, Mr Modi lauded his contribution to cricket.

He described, Dhoni as one of the most successful captains and instrumental in taking India to the top of the world charts. Prime Minister said, Dhoni will not be remembered merely for his career statistics or specific match winning roles.

He said rising from humble beginning in a small town Dhoni shot to fame in the world and made a name for himself. He said, Mahendra Singh Dhoni has made India proud. Mr Modi said, Dhoni’s dependability in tough situation and style of finishing matches particularly in 2011 World Cup Final will forever be etched in the public memory for generations.

Prime Minister said, many of Dhoni’s memorable on-field moments exemplify a particular generation of Indians. This generation of Indians does not hesitate to take risks and back each other’s abilities in even the toughest situations. He said, 2007, T-20 World Cup Finals is a perfect example of this spirit.

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