Journey of a North-Eastern Actor, Mr. Pranab Kr Nath : From an engineer to an artist.

It is a very common trend that the students wish to be engineers or doctors. The parents also work hard for their children to make him or her a doctor or engineer.

But there is no common formula for success. If one becomes a successful engineer it is not necessary that the other students will also become successful through engineering course. Every individual is unique; everybody has some unique qualities; just we need to discover our strengths.

It can be illustrated with the journey of Mr. Pranab Kr Nath. Mr. Nath who was an engineer an artist in today’s date. He had an intense love for acting and videography but he couldn’t materialise his desire as parents always run after a safe job and pursue their offspring to be a doctor or engineer. Again, he is from Tripura. So, too much opportunist are not to boldly go for acting or video making.

But one’s interest and love for something always beckons to walk on that path. Mr. Pranab Kr Nath completed his Degree in engineering but the latent love for acting made him compelled to work on video making acting.

At present Mr Pranab Kr Nath remains busy with only this i.e Video making and acting. It is his passion and hobby too. Now it has become his obsession. It is not that he is just making videos. He is now a very popular short video maker and actor. He is from North East, Tripura but he has many followers in social medias from other states and even from abroad.

He has 67 K followers and 35 millions viewers right now in social media. So, now what he is doing is also bringing in fame and money for him. His taste for acting actually has dragged him in this world of art. Thus an engineer is now imparting his time in acting and making videos. He has started to listen to his heart.

His videos are mostly on social issues. Though he presents in a humorous way, there always lies a message for the society. Now a days the total young generation is almost involved in social medias. So, his videos may help to a great extent to change the society. He also works with this motto to change the society. It is now a days very often said that the morality of the society is degrade ding. Mr Pranab Kr Nath’s videos address this issue and he is trying incessantly to do something positive for the society..

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