Congress Leader thanked Tripura’s people for their supportive response in 12 hours strike

Congress Leader Gopal Ch.Roy ex PCC president and former CLP leader thanked Tripura’s people for their supportive response in 12 hours strike.

In his statement he said “We are grateful to the responsible citizens of Tripura for extending their moral & physical support making today’s 12hours Tripura Bandh a successful one”.

He also added in his statement “Today’s Bandh proved that the 12 point demands including failure to give proper treatments to the covid19 patients(due to which maximum patients has to lose their life battle owing to lack of oxygen supply system even in the main covid-19 center at the GB hospital, Agartala), attacks on journalists, attacks on opposition leaders & workers, records of increasing unemployment problems , poors suffering for daily meals, betrayal with10,323 teachers etc are being vehemently protested by the people of Tripura.

Tripura NSUI Vice President Samrat Roy today in a press conference has also expressed his utter gratitude to the 37 lacs people of Tripura for making this 12 hours strike successful that included demands regarding the issues occured due to the nuisance and blemish decisions made by the BJP Government.

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