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Tripura’s indigenous political party INPT merges with TIPRA

Tripura’s indigenous political party INPT merges with TIPRA

Indigenous Nationalist Party of Twipra (INPT), a indigenous political party of Tripura, on Saturday, merged with The Indigenous Progressive Regional Alliance (TIPRA)- a non-political organization formed by Pradyot Deb Barma.

Earlier, Patal Kanya Jamatia’s Tripura People’s Font (TPF) had also merged with TIPRA.

Pradyut Deb Barma in his tweet said “I have tried my best and succeeded in ensuring that INPT and TPF along with TIPRA unite UNCONDITIONALLY on the basis of Ideology and not elections . I will also appeal in writing to all other organisations and parties such as IPFT,TSP,Tipraha who agree with our ideology to come front and unite with us as stated on point no 5 of the press note . I really would like more leaders to come and unite as one alliance . On my part I am not taking any political role or position and would like to devote my energy in ensuring unity in the future”.

In a joint press release, the parties informed that they would jointly work for the people of Tripura.

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