I have nothing against Deb, The Chief Minister is doing a good job: BJP MLA Sudip Roy Barman

I have nothing against Deb, The Chief Minister is doing a good job, BJP MLA Sudip Roy Barman said.

Tripura BJP MLAs in New Delhi have been awaiting an audience with the national leadership since Saturday, with mid-term trouble knocking on Chief Minister Biplab Deb’s door.

MLA’s of the state BJP under leadership of MLA Sudip Roy Barman has earlier reached delhi with complaints against the Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb.

IANS contacted MLA Sudip Roy Barman, he rubbished the dissidence allegations as “concocted stories”.

Barman, who has been widely quoted in the media about his disgruntlement with Deb rubbished it saying, “I am going back home tomorrow. These are all stories weaved by certain journalist friends in Tripura which the national media catches. I have nothing against Deb. The Chief Minister is doing a good job. I simply came here to wish Nadda ji after the new BJP team was formed and to discuss organizational work of Tripura.”

However, trouble seems to be brewing back home with the state BJP contemplating action against them, but only after the verification of facts.

Sources close to Biplab Deb suggest he did raise the matter in Delhi and that this renewed effort to question the Tripura CM takes place after the new BJP central team was constituted where Ram Madhav, a key BJP figure who looked after North East affairs and backed Deb, was dropped as General Secretary.

The disgruntled MLAs were seeking to meet party President JP Nadda, General Secretary (Organisation) BL Santosh and Union Home Minister Amit Shah, say sources. However, all of them claim allegiance to the BJP and say their opposition is to Deb’s ‘misrule’.

Sources close to Biplab Deb told IANS, “They are a total of 8 lawmakers. The 8th one has now backtracked. So all in all there are 7 of them led by Barman who was dropped by Deb as a minister last year.”

So what is the opposition to Deb? There’s not one. The primary opposition is Deb’s alleged “high handedness” apart from Deb’s comments in the past that have embarrassed the party or the alleged mishandling of the pandemic that the dissidents sought to raise with Nadda.

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